Smeding Performance: Powering the Future
Smeding Performance: Powering the Future

Nov 06 , 2023

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Smeding Performance: Powering the Future

Smeding Performance is no stranger to the world of high-performance engines. Their latest high-performance racing engine, the 427" Windsor 460hp, is a testament to their commitment to quality and performance.

Power Unveiled: The 427" Windsor 460hp
The 427" Windsor 460hp is a marvel of engineering. Based on a 351" Windsor, this engine fits perfectly in your Mustang, kit car, or hot rod. It’s not just about the fit, though. This engine is designed to deliver power, and lots of it. With a 4.125" bore and a 9.5" deck height, the block is built for performance.

Durability Defined: Quality Components
Smeding Performance doesn’t compromise on quality. The 427" Windsor 460hp features a 4340 forged steel crankshaft with an internal balance and a 4.000” stroke. The rods are also 4340 forged steel H-Beam with 7/16" bolts and a 6.200" length. These components ensure durability and reliability, even under the most demanding conditions.

Efficiency Engineered: Performance-Driven Design
The 427" Windsor 460hp isn’t just about raw power. It’s also about delivering that power efficiently. The engine features a Smeding Performance hydraulic roller camshaft with .508"/.532" lift and 222°/232° duration at .050". The rocker arms are Smeding Performance 1.6 ratio, 7/16" stud, full-roller. This design ensures optimal performance at all times.

Confidence Assured: The Smeding Warranty
When you invest in a Smeding Performance engine, you’re not just getting a high-performance engine. You’re also getting peace of mind. The 427" Windsor 460hp comes with a 3-year, unlimited-mile warranty. That’s the kind of confidence that only comes from a company that stands behind its products.

The Final Word: Smeding Performance Delivers
The 427" Windsor 460hp from Smeding Performance is more than just an engine. It’s a statement—a statement of power, performance, and quality. Whether you’re a professional racer or a weekend warrior, this engine delivers. And with the backing of a 3-year, unlimited-mile warranty, you can drive with confidence, knowing that Smeding Performance has got your back. Ready for a completely new driving experience? Click here to get started. 

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