363" Cruiser 400hp – Smeding Performance

363" Cruiser 400hp


The Smeding Performance 363" Cruiser is the smallest of all our stroker engines, yet has more power than some of its bigger brothers. You would think that a small-block with over 400 horsepower would drive like a high-strung drag race engine wouldn't you? Surprise, not so! This very efficient stroker has better drivability and higher vacuum than most lesser powered 302"s due to the longer stroke which greatly increases the low rpm torque. With all of our years of experience building strokers we have honed this combination to perfection. All the right parts are mated together to make one of the best, and most easily driveable power combinations available for Ford owners today.

Block: Dart SHP Block w/ Billet 4 Bolt Mains, 4.125" Bore, 8.2" Deck Height
Crankshaft: Smeding 4340 Forged Steel, Internal Balance, 3.400” Stroke
Rods: Smeding 4340 Forged Steel I-Beam with 7/16" Bolts, 5.400" Length
Pistons: JE 2618 Forged Aluminum, Coated Skirts, 10.0:1 Compression
Rings: Stainless Steel Top, Napier 2nd, Low Friction Oil, 1.2/1.2/3.0
Camshaft: Custom Hydraulic Roller, .493”/.510” Lift, 212°/222° Duration @ .050”
Rocker Arms: Smeding 1.6 Ratio, 7/16" Stud, Full-Roller
Intake: Edelbrock Performer RPM Air-Gap, Dual Plane
Cylinder Heads: Smeding 205cc Intake Port, 2.08"/1.60" Valves, 58cc Chambers 
Warranty: 3 Year, Unlimited Miles

Torque Converter: 2,000-2,200rpm Stall Recommended


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