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Why Smeding?

Sep 14 , 2023

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Why Smeding?

We all go through a period of time when our car or truck just isn’t performing as well as it did before, or smoke is wafting from the tailpipes, or it just is too sluggish and boring. Usually, that necessitates a rebuild, or at least a "refresh". At that point, you have a few choices to make: rebuild the engine yourself or have someone else do it, both of which have pros and cons. If you know what you’re doing, how to deal with machine shops, and how to source the right parts, you can certainly do it for less money than just buying somebody else’s handiwork, but having all those ducks in a row can be challenging. It takes a lot more than just reading a how-to story in a magazine. Ensuring that you a) know how to rebuild an engine and b) how to effectively deal with all those other aspects is a big assumption.

And if you’ve never rebuilt your own engine, you have no idea about the worries upon its first fire-up. We always cling rosary beads and bow our heads upon first cranking an engine over, praying to whatever God is listening that it doesn’t spit the crankshaft out of the pan! The pros of building it yourself are the satisfaction of knowing that you did it, that it’s often more affordable (but not always), and that it forever represents a point of pride. The con of doing it yourself is, well, screwing something up and ending up spending a lot more money than you should have.

But then you look at a guy like Ben Smeding. He has over 10,000 engines in circulation in vehicles around the country, rebuilding them for people or building custom engines for all of those people over the years. In fact, Smeding Performance is one of the largest providers of custom crate engines and high-performance parts in the USA. Starting in California in 1991, he moved his business to Texas in 2008. His team has more than 70 years of combined experience to build you a custom crate engine or rebuild your existing engine. They use modern manufacturing and machining equipment, providing the highest quality engines available on the market today, with customizable options and extremely flexible packages to work with you to create an engine truly worth your investment. As they say, "Here at Smeding Performance, relationships with our clients are built and maintained with as much detail and effort that is put into our engines."

So, given the choice between building your engine on your own or just purchasing a totally rebuilt and test-run unit from Smeding, we’d say the choice is pretty clear.

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