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What Comes in the Box?

Sep 14 , 2023

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What Comes in the Box?

When buying crate engines, whether from an OE manufacturer like Ford or Chevrolet or from a high-performance builder, you never really know what comes in the box. Does it have a starter or other accessories? Has it been started and run? Is it free of leaks? Has it even seen a dyno? Those are all things that are spelled out in the fine print before you throw down the big bucks for an engine, so make sure you’re aware of everything included in the engine. And about the actual parts used in the build—what’s included and what's not? When it’s from the factory, you can bet it uses all factory parts, but are they cheap but effective high-mileage parts or performance parts? Make sure to look into all of that when making a decision on what to buy.

In the case of a Smeding Performance engine, know that it comes with all new parts that are matched together for a true "system"—no remanufactured (read "used") parts. Smeding properly balances the crankshaft (most crankshafts are not "good enough" starting out), and the crank is forged, not some fragile cast iron cheapie from overseas that’s never been near a balancing machine. Every engine is dyno-tested, broken in, and checked for leaks, so you know it’ll run and be secure as soon as you drop it in a car. It comes with an excellent warranty. Oh yeah, and you can arrange financing for it too! That way, you don’t have to bleed a ton of cash right away; you can space the payments out over several months or years!

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