Reach Your Chevy Hot Rod's Potential With Our 383” Long Block 4-Bolt M – Smeding Performance
Reach Your Chevy Hot Rod's Potential With Our 383” Long Block 4-Bolt Main Engine

Sep 15 , 2023

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Reach Your Chevy Hot Rod's Potential With Our 383” Long Block 4-Bolt Main Engine

Why waste your money buying a 350” small block engine from the production line or even buying a rebuilt engine from your local race shop when you can just buy the 383” Long Block made by Smeding Performance? It is an easy decision to make. Smeding Performance, the premier high-performance engine builder, will help tailor the engine to your specific make and model car before you install it.
The 383” Long Block is built from the ground up using all brand new parts, starting with a new 4-bolt main engine block, forged steel crankshaft and rods, roller cams, and roller valvetrain. Racing and performance were the overarching ideals during every step of the manufacturing process of this engine.

Bolt On Extra Power With Optional High-Performance Camshafts
To easily add additional horsepower to an already-powerful engine, you can choose to install one of four high-lift camshafts with your engine:
380hp Cruiser Camshaft: The cruiser camshaft is designed for optimal performance in street applications. It typically offers a balanced profile, promoting good low-end torque and mid-range power for a smooth and responsive driving experience.
420hp Hot Rod Camshaft: The hot rod camshaft is engineered to deliver high performance in hot rod applications. It often features an aggressive cam profile, optimizing both lift and duration for increased power at higher RPMs.
450hp Extreme Cam: This camshaft is designed to deliver exceptional horsepower gains, making it suitable for those pushing the limits in extreme performance scenarios.
480hp Eliminator Cam: The best camshaft you can probably get for this motor when it comes to maximizing performance. The torque and lift height on this camshaft are at maximum for Chevy and Ford engine specifications.
All of our engines come with a 3-year unlimited miles warranty. That is something you don't find too often in the performance world, and we are proud of it. Click here to get your own 383” Long Block now. Browse our other Chevy engines here.

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