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LS Short Block for Sale

Feb 19 , 2024

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LS Short Block for Sale

There are many different routes one can take to gain performance. One of the fastest is to send in the LS team to replace whatever you are currently running. Like it or not, the advantages of the LS pattern over traditional small block designs are just too obvious to ignore. Even a mildly-built LS will blow past a really high-class build on a traditional engine.

The Accessibility of LS Engines

Thanks to the gents from Flint putting them in millions upon millions of cars and trucks, they are not just highly affordable, but they are highly available as well. You can buy a rusted-out clunker and get yourself a top-notch candidate for drop-in performance.

Fresh New LS Block: A Clean Start

If you prefer to work on stuff without any decade-old grease on it, consider getting your hands on a fresh new LS block stuffed with your choice of internal components. Why bother with the specs on an old set of stretched rods and a worn crank and block when you can sign up for a new block with new crank, rods, and pistons that will pull even more horsepower out of your own fresh copy of the Little Engine That Could?

Flexibility with an LS Short Block

By going with a short block, you retain all of your other options as well. You can bolt on whatever heads and intake your heart desires. Perhaps your funds are limited, and you need to take this project one step at a time. Getting the short block all sorted out is a great way to get any project going.

The Motivating Force of a Fresh Short Block

Once you have that sitting in your shop, you will be highly motivated to get everything else rounded up as fast as you can. Nobody can resist the lure of a fresh short block stuffed with high performance parts. It’s just begging to be put together and run, and you’re the one who is listening to what it’s screaming about.

Customizable LS Short Block for Every Need

Because the LS is so ubiquitous, you can have one built to suit your own desires and budget. Mild is a relative concept when it comes to having an LS of any sort under the hood, but wild is like having King Kong stashed between your fender wells. The best part is that all of these possibilities are brought to you in the most affordable package available among any serious performance upgrade option. If you're looking for an LS short block for sale, contact us at Smeding Performance and let your inner beast run free.

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