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Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Performance Engine for Your H – Smeding Performance
Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Performance Engine for Your Hot Rod

Jul 07 , 2023

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Key Factors to Consider When Selecting a Performance Engine for Your Hot Rod

Hello, Hot Rod gearheads! Ben Smeding here, the proud owner of Smeding Performance. Today, we're diving deep into the world of performance engines for your beloved hot rod. Choosing the right powerhouse for your four-wheeled beauty is a decision not to be taken lightly. So, grab your favorite wrench and buckle up as we explore the key factors to consider when selecting a performance engine that will make your hot rod sing!

Power Potential: Unleash the Beast!

When it comes to power, there's no shortage of options. One of the most popular choices is the legendary Chevy big block. These behemoths offer brute force and neck-snapping acceleration that can turn heads faster than a jackrabbit on caffeine. Alternatively, the modern LS engines provide a perfect blend of power and reliability. For example, with an LS 427 rotating assembly, you can transform your hot rod into a pavement-shredding monster while maintaining everyday driveability.

The Smeding 427 rotating assembly parts.

Size Matters: Choosing the Right Cubic Inches

The displacement of your engine is crucial in determining its power output. While bigger may seem better, it's essential to strike a balance. A 383 engine, like our 383 Extreme, is a classic choice for hot rods, delivering a harmonious blend of power and responsiveness. However, if you crave earth-shattering power and have a penchant for torque, a big block Chevy engine might be your ticket to automotive nirvana.

Reliability: Let's Go the Distance

When it comes to building a hot rod, it's not just about speed. Reliability is key to enjoying your ride without frequent trips to the mechanic. That's where Smeding Performance shines. Our performance engines are meticulously engineered and assembled, ensuring top-notch quality and longevity. Whether you're cruising down the highway or tearing up the track, our engines will go the distance with you.

Fuel Efficiency: Sip Gas, Not Your Savings

Now, I know what you're thinking—hot rods and fuel efficiency don't typically go hand in hand. But hear me out. We've fine-tuned our engines to optimize fuel economy without sacrificing performance. So, while you'll still have that exhilarating power under your right foot, you won't need a petroleum refinery in your backyard to keep your hot rod on the road.

A Smeding Performance 383 on an engine stand, ready for break in and dyno testing.

Fitment: A Match Made in Automotive Heaven

Hot rods come in all shapes and sizes, so it's essential to consider fitment when selecting your performance engine. Luckily, we offer a range of options to suit your specific project. Our Chevy LS engines are known for their compact design, making them perfect for tight engine bays. And fear not, my big block enthusiasts—we've got you covered too. Our Chevy big blocks are built to fit with precision, ensuring a seamless installation that would make any gearhead proud.

When it comes to selecting the perfect performance engine for your hot rod, the possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Whether you opt for the raw power of a big block Chevy or the modern marvel of an LS engine, Smeding Performance has you covered. With our meticulously crafted engines, you'll experience the thrill of the open road while leaving a trail of impressed onlookers in your wake.

So, my fellow gearheads, let's rev those engines, hit the road, and create memories that will make our pulses race for years to come. Visit our website at to explore our range of Chevy performance engines and let us help you unleash the full potential of your hot rod. Keep those wrenches turning, and remember, the only limit is your imagination!

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