Igniting Power: Exploring the Smeding Performance 427" LS Power Adder
Igniting Power: Exploring the Smeding Performance 427" LS Power Adder Long Block

Nov 20 , 2023

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Igniting Power: Exploring the Smeding Performance 427" LS Power Adder Long Block

In the world of high-performance engines, the Smeding Performance 427" LS Power Adder Long Block stands as a work of innovation, engineered to elevate your driving experience. Let's look into the core features and explore how this engine sets itself apart in the world of automotive performance.

The Power of the 427" LS Long Block
The 427" LS Power Adder Long Block from Smeding Performance is offered in three different configurations: 900, 1200, or a mind-blowing 1500 hp! Comprising 100% brand-new components, including the engine block, this powerhouse is designed for enthusiasts seeking to extract every ounce of performance from their Hot Rod, Classic Car, or Modern Muscle Car.

100% Brand New Canvas for Your Automotive Dreams
Forget the scrapyard scavenges and questionable rebuilds. Smeding builds this 427ci LS Power Adder Long Block from the ground up, starting with a pristine Dart LSN block. No compromises, no unknowns—just pure, untamed potential waiting to be molded into your vision. This isn't just a peace of mind upgrade; it's the foundation for a monster, ready to handle your wildest automotive ambitions.

Hot Rod, Classic Muscle, or Modern Muscle: Your Beast Awaits
This isn't just an engine; it's a chameleon waiting to reflect your style. Whether you're restoring a grandpa's hot rod or building your dream modern muscle car, Smeding gets it. They offer custom paint, anodizing, powder coating, and polishing, letting you manifest your automotive personality right down to the finish.

Engineered for Your Hunger: Powerhouse or Smooth Cruiser, You Choose
This beast isn't just about looks; it's about performance tailored to your desires. Need a dyno-busting monster to dominate the track? No problem. Craving a Sunday-cruise purr that'll turn heads without breaking necks? Smeding handcrafts each long block according to your specific goals. Every component, from the bearings to the pistons, is meticulously measured and calibrated to push your car across the line first.

Taming the Power Adder
Smeding's 427” LS Power Adder Long Block is a symphony of performance, with each component carefully chosen to maximize output on the track. Forget junkyard scavenges; this engine starts fresh, boasting a brand-new Dart LSN block, the bedrock for power. H-beam connecting rods and forged pistons take center stage, handling the stress like a seasoned veteran, while high-performance rings ensure minimal blow-by. A Billet crankshaft, stronger than stock and smoother than silk, keeps the rhythm, while upgraded main and connecting rod bearings ensure every revolution is flawless.
But this engine isn't just about strength; it's about controlled chaos. CNC-ported aluminum heads, with their enlarged breathing holes, gulp down air like a drowning man, while stainless steel valves and springs handle the high lift and demanding pressures with unwavering resolve. A camshaft, the conductor of this mechanical orchestra, is chosen specifically to match your powerband and drivability goals. Heavy-duty lifters, the precise foot soldiers, follow the camshaft's every command, ensuring flawless valve operation.

From Classic to Dream Machine: Your Automotive Masterpiece Starts Here
So, whether you're restoring a classic, infusing a modern car with thunder, or building your dream machine from scratch, the Smeding 427” LS Power Adder Long Block is the heart waiting to be implanted. It's not just an engine; it's a blank canvas, a technical playground, and the key to unlocking your automotive masterpiece. Click here to get started today! 

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