Ford Crate Engines by Smeding Performance
Ford Crate Engines by Smeding Performance

Jan 22 , 2024

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Ford Crate Engines by Smeding Performance

The friendly folks at Smeding Performance have been putting together a nice lineup of ready-to-go Ford crate engines that will meet just about anybody’s needs for drop-in power plants. These all-new-everything engines feature only the finest in brand new blocks, forged steel cranks, forged pistons, fabulous ring sets, and of course a high-winding hydraulic roller cam setup.

Compact Power: The Smeding 363 Cobra

For those applications where space is at a premium in the engine bay, the new Smeding 363 Cobra is the perfect candidate for an exact-dimensional replacement to your old 302. You get all the advantages of that compact little pony, plus the hidden boost of some big-time cubic inches.

Unmatched Quality and Performance

Everything is perfectly balanced, run into perfection before it ever gets out the door, and is dyno-tuned to the point where the only thing left for you to do is drop it in, gas it up, and turn the key.

More Power Options: The Trio of 427 Crate Engines

For those who want a little more kick in their pants than they get from the high-winding 363s, you can torque things up considerably with one of the trio of 427 crate engines from Smeding. Start with the compact but still nasty Windsor-based 460 HP model. Not enough? Treat yourself to its big brother—the 560 HP 427 Cobra—for even more fun on the street or the strip. Still not enough? Okay, you asked for it. It’s time to roll out the heavy artillery. Prepare to be blown away by the 600 HP 8-stack version of the 427.

Customization and Quality Assurance

You get the expected arsenal of forged steel and aluminum internals, all of which are carefully balanced and assembled to the finest of tolerances before they are test-fired and dyno-tuned. Choose your fuel system options, your oil sump locations, and decide what color you want it to be. It’s that easy to get superior performance in a box.

Warranty and Customization Options

All of these engines come with a solid 3 years of warranty protection, and no, they don’t need to know what your odometer says. Run it from here to kingdom come, and you’re still covered for the full 36 months.

Beyond the Standard: Smeding's Customer Service

Maybe you have some particular option that you want added to your basic crate assembly. Unlike the factory guys, Smeding will talk to you about adding or altering the package. It is not strictly a WYSIWYG world at Smeding. You can have it that way, as long as that’s what you want. If you want something else, give them a call.

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