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Exploring the Benefits of High Performance Crate Engines

Mar 12 , 2024

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Exploring the Benefits of High Performance Crate Engines

There is a lot to be said for building your next car project around a high performance crate engine. The most obvious advantage is that it is a write-a-check-and-be-done-with-it sort of transaction. You get an all-new block and the running gear of your choice at a price that contains no surprises.

Factory Warranty and Support

You also get an actual factory warranty with the engine. This means it is backed by an organization big enough to take the hit without squealing too much if something does go wrong. For some independent shops, screwing up a high-end build might prove extremely damaging to their ability to continue in business. For the master builders at Smeding Performance, this is not an issue at all.

High-Value Engineering

You also get the benefit of a lot of high-value engineering in the package. Crate engines aren’t made out of whatever can be slapped together because it looks cool. They have rigorously dyno-ed out the combinations they sell, and they have reasonable confidence that they will work together pretty nicely, or else they would sell something else.

Quality and Reliability

You get high-end stuff that has a good track record for performance and reliability. It’s also pretty much guaranteed that you will turn the key, and your new crate engine will fire right up without any arguments. Every engine that goes out the door is test-fired to make sure there are no gremlins hiding in the oil sump. After that, it is plugged into the dyno and given a final, precise tuning to make sure you are getting everything you paid for.

Professional Assembly and Customization Options

You get an engine that is put together by guys who do this stuff all day, every day. No apprentices are going to touch your block. They’re too busy sweeping the floor on the assembly line. It also gets put together in a scrupulously clean facility.

If the offerings listed on the crate engine menu aren’t exactly what you are after, you can modify the limited offerings inherent in any crate engine and add some extra pizzazz so that it becomes more of a custom build but still at a mostly crate engine price. That is the beauty of working with a high-end facility like Smeding. You get all the benefits of a crate engine as well as the luxury of careful customization if that is what you require.

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