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Smeding LS Lifters


Smeding LS link bar lifters are for the enthusiast looking to upgrade from the factory plastic trays found in mild to high performance LS valvetrain systems.

  • Max Recommend Spring Pressure 420# Open
  • Max Recommend Engine RPM 7,400
  • Recommend 0.050" Preload +/- 0.010"
  • Maximum Strength Forged Chrome Alloy Steel Body
  • Hardened & Carburized Alloy Steel Body
  • Heat Treated & Precision Machined Internal Components
  • Check-Ball Metering for Quiet Operation & Precise Control
  • 100% Precision-Fit Components for Precise Leak Down Rate
  • 100% Flow Checked Machined Steel Pushrod Cup
  • Tempered/Hardened Certified 52100 Steel Bearing Assembly
  • Precision Staked Roller Axle for Maximum Retention
  • Digital Machined Internal Components
  • Triple Oil Feeds Aligned for Increased Oil Flow to Internals
  • Oiling Reliefs for Roller Bearing Lubrication
  • Hardened Austenitic Stainless Steel Tie Bar
  • Heat Treated Chrome Nickel Steel Tie Bar Rivets
  • Slot Anchoring Rivet Design
  • Proprietary Quad-Loc Retaining Ring
  • Supplied Filled with Test Leak Down Fluid

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