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Custom LS Camshaft


Designing a custom camshaft is not as simple as selecting the valve lift, duration & overlap to match the engine. At Smeding Performance, we specialize and direct our focus to ensuring the correct lobe is selected for the engine’s application & combination.

There are hundreds of different lobes available on the market today, each with different ramp rates. Two different lobes can have the same duration @ .050” & lobe lift, but the speed of which the lobe accelerates the lifter can be totally different. Our number one objective is to select the correct lobe to maximize your valvetrain’s stability to ensure you have the optimum “area under the curve”.

On one end of the spectrum, a very stable and exotic valvetrain can handle extremely aggressive lobe designs to take advantage of accelerating the lifter quickly to peak lift. On the other hand, a simple, OEM style valvetrain would be damaged with a lobe this aggressive, so a gentler option must be selected.

At Smeding Performance, we ensure that the lobe architecture selected will perfectly match your valvetrain and maximize your horsepower & rpm potential!

After ordering, you will be provided with a full camshaft information spec sheet to complete and return to Smeding Performance.

Note: This product is for hydraulic or solid roller LS applications.

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