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383" Long Block – Smeding Performance

383" Long Block


Why buy a rebuilt engine or some production line 350" when you can have a BRAND NEW 383" for nearly the same price? And do not think this is some cheapie engine, these are 100% completely new engines built with quality parts like a new 4 bolt main block, forged crankshaft & rods, roller cams & roller valvetrain. These engine are built with the same details Smeding Performance has become known for, QUALITY! Built using all 100% brand new parts, including the block, this engine was designed from the ground up with hot rodding in mind.

Block: Smeding Heavy Duty 4 Bolt Mains, 9.025" Deck Height, 1 Piece Seal, 4.000" Bore
Crankshaft: Smeding 4340 Forged Steel, Internal/External Balance, 3.800” Stroke
Rods: Smeding 5140 Forged Steel I-Beam with 3/8" Bolts, 5.700" Length
Pistons: UEM Custom Hypereutectic Aluminum, Dish, 9.8:1 Compression, Coated Skirts
Rings: Plasma-Moly Top, Low Friction Oil, 5/64” x 5/64” x 3/16”
Rocker Arms: Smeding 1.5 Ratio, Full-Roller
Cylinder Heads: Smeding Aluminum, 180cc Intake Port, 2.02"/1.60" Valves, 65cc Chambers
Warranty: 3 Year, Unlimited Miles

Cam Specs:
380hp: .480”/.480” Lift, 212°/222° Duration @ .050”, 112 LSA
420hp: .495”/.502” Lift, 220°/224° Duration @ .050”, 112 LSA
450hp: .510”/.521” Lift, 231°/236° Duration @ .050”, 111 LSA

480hp: .544”/.543” Lift, 236°/244° Duration @ .050”, 110 LSA

Torque Converter: 1,600-2,000rpm Stall w/ 380hp Cam, 2,000-2,400rpm Stall w/ 420hp Cam & 2,400-2,800rpm Stall w/ 450hp Cam Recommended

Final assembly & tuning of this partial engine must be completed by an experienced engine assembler/builder. Smeding Performance is not responsible for damaged caused by user installed parts.

All of our engine packages are extremely flexible and can be customized! If there is an option you would like and do not see, please call us at 210-446-0960.

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