540" Blown 800hp


Nothing attracts attention like a fully polished 8-71 blower poking out of the hood. With the thump of the exhaust and the whine of the blower, people will know you have arrived. This engine produces 800 tire burning horsepower and is streetable. "Tame?" give me a break, we are talking about a blown 540" cubic inch Chevy here. This engine will put you in the back of your seat and make your passengers look for something to hold on to.

Block: GM Gen VI, 4.500" Bore, 9.8" Deck Height
Crankshaft: 4340 Forged Steel, Internal Balance, 4.250" Stroke
Rods: 4340 Forged Steel H-Beam with 7/16" Bolts, 6.385" Length
Pistons: Custom Forged Aluminum, Flat Top, 9.0:1 Compression
Rings: Plasma-Moly Top, Low Friction Oil, 1/16" x 1/16" x 3/16"
Camshaft: Custom Hydraulic Roller, .614”/.614” Lift, 239°/249° Duration @ .050”
Rocker Arms: Scorpion 1.7 Ratio, 7/16" Stud, Full-Roller
Intake: Billet 8-71, Supercharger
Cylinder Heads: Smeding 325cc Intake Port, 2.30"/1.88" Valves, 120cc Chambers
Warranty: 3 Year, Unlimited Miles

Torque Converter: 2,200-2,400rpm Stall Required

All of our engine packages are extremely flexible and can be customized! If there is an option you would like and do not see, please call us at 210-338-8585.

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