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416" Street Cruiser LS3 560hp / 540tq – Smeding Performance

416" Street Cruiser LS3 560hp / 540tq


Built with the Hot Rod enthusiast in mind, this 416" cubic inch LS3 is the ultimate stealth LS package. Built with a GM LS3 aluminum engine block, fully forged Smeding rotating assembly, and Smeding custom camshaft, you can rest assured this engine will deliver. This combination produced 560hp & 540tq on our Superflow engine dyno, with a very linear & smooth torque curve. This is the perfect engine for those looking to maximize driveability, but still have enough power on tap to light the tires up! Click through the pictures to view the dyno graph & invoice.

Block: New GM LS3 Aluminum Block, 4.065" Bore
Crankshaft: Smeding 4340 Forged 4.000" Stroke, 58x
Connecting Rods: Smeding 4340 Forged 6.125", H-Beam w/ ARP Hardware
Pistons: 4.065" Bore, 10.5:1 Comp, 2618 Forged w/ Coated Skirts
Cylinder Heads: GM Aluminum LS3 255cc, 2.165"/1.600"
Camshaft: Smeding Custom 229/242 Duration @ .050", .615"/.615" Valve Lift
Intake Manifold: GM 4150 Flange Single Plane
EFI System: Holley Terminator LS - Pre-Calibrated on Engine Dyno

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