427" Short Block

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The 427" Short Block is the perfect package for the DIY hot-rodder who demands quality without breaking the bank. Why buy a rebuilt short block or some production line 351" when you can have a BRAND NEW 427" short block for nearly the same price? These are 100% completely new short blocks built with quality parts like a Dart SHP block, forged pistons, forged connecting rods, and forged steel cranks. These short blocks are built with the same attention to details that Smeding Performance has become known for, QUALITY! 


Block: New Dart SHP, 9.500" Deck Height, 4.125" Bore
Crankshaft: 4340 Forged Steel, Internal Balance, 4.000" Stroke
Rods: 4340 Forged Steel H-Beam with 7/16" Bolts, 6.200" Length
Pistons: Custom Forged Aluminum, Reverse Dome, 10.2:1 Compression w/ 58cc Heads
Rings: Plasma-Moly Top, Low Friction Oil, 1/16" x 1/16" x 3/16"