347" Cobra 450hp

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Even though it is the little brother of the 427" Cobra, the Smeding Performance 347" Cobra, when provoked, strikes with a vengeance. With a broad, kick-in-the-pants torque band and brutish horsepower, this pump-gas-friendly powerhouse gets with the program. Using all premium parts in a proven combination, along with precise machining, careful hand-assembly, and then broken-in, tuned and tested on our in-house dyno, you are guaranteed the power we say it makes.


Block: Dart SHP, 4.000" Bore, 8.2" Deck Height
Crankshaft: 4340 Forged Steel, Internal Balance, 3.400” Stroke
Rods: 5140 Forged Steel I-Beam with 7/16" Bolts, 5.315" Length
Pistons: Custom Forged Aluminum, Reverse Dome, 10.2:1
Rings: Plasma-Moly Top, Low Friction Oil, 1/16” x 1/16” x 3/16”
Camshaft: Custom Hydraulic Roller, .508”/.532” Lift, 222°/232° Duration @ .050”
Rocker Arms: Smeding 1.6 Ratio, 7/16" Stud, Full-Roller
Intake: Edelbrock Victor Jr. Single Plane
Cylinder Heads: Smeding/AFR, 185cc Intake Port, CNC Ported, 2.02"/1.60" Valves, 58cc Chambers
Warranty: 3 Year, Unlimited Miles